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Curtiss P-36 A Hawk #AMT0012
Curtiss P-36 A Hawk
Military Aircraft

The Curtiss P-36 Hawk was a pioneer of modern aircraft design in that it was an all-metal, low wing monoplane with a single seat, enclosed cockpit and fully retractable landing gear.  The P-36 was the successor to the famous line of Hawk biplanes produced in the 1920s up through 1931.  Development of the P-36 began in 1934 and it was a contemporary aircraft to Great Britain's Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire, as well as, Germany's Bf-109.  The Curtiss Design 75 prototype aircraft underwent a competitive evaluation in 1935 and 1936.  A United States Army Air Corps order was forthcoming in 1937 resulting in the first examples being delivered in 1938.  When World War II for the United States began with the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, P-36 equipped squadrons were stationed in both Alaska and Hawaii.  While the P-36 Hawk was already considered an obsolete design in 1941, it was nevertheless thrust into the middle of the new air war with aircraft flown by the Japanese Imperial Navy.  A place in history was made for the P-36 when four aircraft from the 46th Pursuit Squadron engaged a flight of eleven enemy aircraft resulting in the first American combat victories of the war.  The operational characteristics of the P-36 A are as follows: 1) Top speed of about 313 m.p.h.; 2) Combat range of 825 miles and 3) Service ceiling of 33,000 feet.  The P-36 carried one .30 caliber and one .50 caliber machine gun as offensive armament.  This older, out-of-production Curtiss P-36 A Hawk scaled model includes the following features: 1) Authentic markings for a P-36 A as flown by the United States Army Air Corps early in World War II; 2) Clear multi-piece plastic canopy; 3) Detailed cockpit; 4) Detailed landing gear; 5) Pilot figure; 6) Recessed panel lines; 7) Spinning propeller and 8) Illustrated assembly instructions.  The box is in very good condition.  Never started and factory sealed.


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