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Das Boot - The Directors Cut #SPDVD0021
Das Boot - The Directors Cut
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

The movie, Das Boot, is a World War II action-drama centering on the exploits of a German submarine crew and has to date been, the highest grossing film in the history of German cinema.  Towards the beginning of 1943,  as the tide begins to turn against the Axis, a German U-boat crew is sent out to patrol the North Atlantic and sink as many Allied ships carrying supplies to England as possible.  While unusual, the submarine also carries a German Press correspondent whose job is to report from the "front lines" of naval warfare.  Against this backdrop, the U-boat's captain is becoming disillusioned with the Nazi regime and the war itself.  What then starts out as a routine mission is soon changed when their submarine's surprise attack on a convoy is twarted by an aggressive, fast-moving Allied destroyer.  Battered by this attack, the crew must pull together to somehow survive this enemy onslaught.  This German movie is based on a novel by Lothar G. Buchheim and is stunningly realistic in its portrayal of the confined conditions aboard a World War II era U-boat.  Starring Jurgen Prochnow and Herbert Gronemeyer among others.  Widescreen in color.  Released in 1982.  Runtime 209 minutes.


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