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Defiance #GRPDVD0001
World War II
Grosvenor Park

 The movie, Defiance, is inspired by a true story and tells the tale of three Jewish Eastern European brothers who narrowly escape certain death at the hands of the German Nazi's occupying Belarus during World War II.  After the Nazi's kill several of their loved ones, the brothers escape to the surrounding forests where they avoid capture and plan for avenging the deaths of their loved ones.  As the Nazi's go about their business of brutally applying the "Final Solution" to Jews in 1941 Belarus, some avoid capture and escape to the same woods the brothers are hiding in.  The three Jewish brothers Tuvia, Zus and Asael quickly avenge the deaths of their loved ones but find that a growing number of Jews in Belarus are avoiding death by escaping to the surrounding forests which complicates their own plan for survival and revenge.  As Tuvia becomes the reluctant leader of their group, others like them appear in the forest and assist the brothers in sabotage and survival.  With winter setting in the growing group of Jewish survivors build a functioning community that will help them make it through the frigid months that lie ahead.  When Tuvia's older brother Zus joins a Soviet partisan group the burden of leading this rag tag group of Jewish survivors falls completely on him.  While the Jews manage to keep one step ahead of the German soldiers who are hunting them down, many suffer from the hardships of living outside during winter.  Zus eventually rejoins the group and saves them from yet another trap laid by the German soldiers to capture and execute them.  "Defiance" ends with the following features: 1) Commentary by Director Edward Zwick; 2) Return to the Forest - The Making of Defiance; 3) Children of the Oriad - The Families Speak and 4) Bielski Partisan Survivors.  Starring Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber.  Widescreen in color.  Released in 2008.  Runtime 136 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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