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Desert Shield - The Build-Up: The Complete Story (The Power Series) #MISFT0015
Desert Shield - The Build-Up: The Complete Story (The Power Series)
Great Battles
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 The book, Desert Shield - The Build-Up: The Complete Story (The Power Series), tells the incredible logistical story of how, in a ten week period beginning in August 1990, the United States military was able to transport 240,000 fully equipped American combat troops half away around the world to the sands of Saudi Arabia.  During this period of time, another 150,000 soldiers from many Allied-nations were also transported to this desert kingdom.  By the end of 1990, the Allies faced 500,000 battle-hardened Iraqis in and around Kuwait.  This build-up, which was the largest since the Vietnam War, was in direct response to Saddam Hussein's Iraqi invasion of tiny Kuwait in the first few days of August 1990.  Rather than accepting this change of events in the Middle East and fearing a disruption in a major source of oil to the western democracies, the United States led an Allied build-up of men and equipment should Kuwait have to be retaken by a force of arms.  As events later showed, Desert Shield yielded to Desert Storm and when all was said and done, Kuwait was recaptured at the cost of minimal Allied casualties.  The Iraqi forces were not so lucky and suffered many casualties and a complete loss of equipment south of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.  This book tells the complete story and includes sections dealing with: 1) Troop, tank, helicopter and aircraft deployment; 2) Naval and ground operations and 3) Preparation for nuclear, biological and chemical warfare.  "Desert Shield - The Build-Up: The Complete Story" begins with Acknowledgements and includes the following chapters: 1) Green Ramp; 2) Air; 3) Sea; 4) Land and 5) War?.  These chapters are followed with sections titled Afterword and Chronology respectively.  In addition to an informative text, this book includes the following features: 1) Approximately 58 black and white photographs and 2) 43 color photographs.  This book is 128 pages and is in good condition.  Note: there is slight water damage on a number of pages but the text is completely readable.  The author is Robert F. Dorr.  Edition published in 1991.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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