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Dornier "Arrow" #RL0106
Dornier "Arrow"
Military Aircraft

 The Dornier Do 335 "Arrow" was one of the fastest and most unconventional aircraft developed during World War II. The Do 335 was powered by two piston engines mounted in a very unique "push-pull" combination with one being conventionally mounted in front and one mounted in the midsection of the fuselage driving a propeller in the rear of the aircraft.  The A-6 variant of the Do 335 was a night-fighter configuration with an upper cockpit designed for the radar operator.  Due to the Do 335's unique design, construction of production aircraft was delayed by both policy decisions, as well as, technical problems.  In all, only 38 units of all variants were produced before the end of World War II in May 1945.  This Limited Edition reissue of the original 1978 Dornier "Arrow" kit includes the following features: 1) Authentic markings for the Do 335 V-10 & the prototype Do 335 A-6 Night-Fighter; Clear plastic canopies; 3) Detailed cockpit; 4) Detailed landing gear; 5) Flame damper exhausts; 6) Radar antenna; 7) Recessed panel lines; 8) Rotating propellers; 9) Rotating wheels and 10) Illustrated assembly instructions.  The box is in like-new condition.  Never opened and factory sealed.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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