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Echoes Of The Blue & Gray #BGPVHS0002
Echoes Of The Blue & Gray
Civil War
Belle Grove Publishing

The years between 1861 and 1865 were the most tragic in our nations's history.  During the American Civil War, 620,000 soldiers from both sides of this great conflict lost their lives.  The survivors who were both physically and mentally scarred from the war wished that their sacrifices be remembered.  To that end, they marched with thinning ranks into the twentieth century with the invention of the motion-picture camera all the while recording their faces and in some instances their voices for all to see and hear.  The sequence of newsreels, some dating back to the Spainish American War, allows one for the first time to see and hear these Civil War veterans on film.  The viewer of this piece of American history will see the famous Civil War veteran reunions at Gettysburg, 1913, Vicksburg 1917 and their final formal gathering at Gettysburg, 1938.  Along the way, the viewer will see the following famous generals: 1) Joe Wheeler; 2) Daniel Sickles and 3) Nelson Miles.  Also, represented are veterans from the following fighting units: 1) Irish Brigade; 2) Forrest's Cavalry and 3) New York Zouaves.  Overall this video is a must see for anyone with an interest in Civil War History.  Narrated by John Henry Kurtz.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1989.  Runtime 60 minutes.


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