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El Diablo #HBOVHS0001
El Diablo
HBO Pictures

 The movie, El Diablo, centers on a teacher and his students in a small Texas town,  The teacher named Billy Ray Smith is never happier than when he's reading the adventures of Kid Durango and dreaming of being a western hero.  Billy Ray Smith is, however, forced into action when an outlaw named El Diablo rides into town robs the bank and makes off with one of his students, a young lady named Nettie.  Despite the fact that he can not ride or shoot Smith sets out to find Nettie and set her free.  Along the way he realizes he needs help from men that know how to ride a horse and shoot a gun.  The first renegade gunman is a man by the name of Thomas Van Leek.  This hired gun is followed by none other than the legendary Kid Durango.  The group rides in hot pursuit of El Diablo.  The only question is whether or not they will find Nettie in time.  Will Bill Ray Smith learn to ride and shoot and in turn rescue Nettie and become the hero of his dreams?  The viewer will have to watch the movie, El Diablo, to find out.  Starring Anthony Edwards and Louis Gossett, Jr. among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1990.  Runtime 108 minutes.  


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