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Elite Choppers - Birds Of Prey (2 Video Set) #GLVVHS0003
Elite Choppers - Birds Of Prey (2 Video Set)
Goldhil Video

The awesome power of the world's most advanced military helicopters have become an integral part of the modern battlefield.  Once playing only a secondary role in battle, it is now very difficult to win or gain any kind of strategic advantage in a conflict situation without the direct support of the helicopter.  The documentary film, Elite Choppers - Birds Of Prey, is a two video set that was originally shown on the Dicovery Channel.  This film takes an exciting look at how these aircraft operate around the world by the armed forces of countries including Germany, Israel, Taiwan and the United States.  The viewer of this video set will be educated in how modern utility and attack helicopters are used on the modern battlefield.  Never before seen footage showing the incredible firepower and capability of the Apache, Blackhawk, Bolko, Cobra and Kiowa Warrior helicopters is awe inspiring.  The film footage of these helicopters in action is also given context by the coverage given to the documenting of the elite military units that operate them.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1997.  Runtime approximately 100 minutes.


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