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Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Abandon Ship #WBVVHS0006
Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Abandon Ship
WGBH Boston Video

The Nova documentary, "Abandon Ship", is part of a series of safety related films that also include: 1) Car Crash; 2) Fire and 3) Plane Crash.  In this film, Nova chronicles the evolution of life saving technologies available to passengers and crew in the event their ship or submarine sinks.  The anatomy of ship disasters is reviewed and the techniques developed to minimize the loss of life has evolved greatly during the 20th century.  If fact, it has taken centuries to reach the technological advancements and maritime regulations in place today.  This film includes breathtaking archival footage, survivor interviews and expert commentary to provide a new perspective on sea safety.  While watching this film the viewer will be introduced to Paul Barney who survived the sinking of a ferry traveling between Estonia and Sweden in the Baltic Sea some years back.  Also told is the tale of two United States sailors who survived the sinking of their submarine on the eve of World War II.  The viewer will be exposed to the latest life-boat and life-boat technologies which are reducing the loss of life when tragedy strikes on the high seas.  This is an interesting documentary on a topic that will likely appeal to anyone interested in traveling by ship on the high seas.  Full screen in black & white and color.  Released in 1999.  Runtime 60 minutes.


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