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Escape From Afghanistan #NCEVHS0001
Escape From Afghanistan
Cold War
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The movie, Escape From Afghanistan, centers on  American photojournalist Charlie Palmer who is interviewing Soviet prisoners somewhere in Afghanistan and Dr. Victor Davis who is there to check on the health status of these detainees.  While Palmer is conducting a series of interviews, a violent insurrection amongst the prisoners breaks out when they overpower the attending guards and arm themselves with their weapons.  Within minutes the line between friend and foe is blurred and smashed.  As casualties mount, Dr. Davis does what he can to save the wounded while Palmer weaves in and out of the bloodshed with his camera capturing every moment of betrayal, confusion and heroism.  This action pact film, while interesting, has a number of characters whose voices have been clearly dubbed.  It is nevertheless an interesting spin on an old topic.  Starring Barry Kushner, Victor Verzhbitski and David Kheird among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 2002.  Runtime 88 minutes. 


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