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Escape From Fort Bravo #WRDVD0033
Escape From Fort Bravo
Civil War
Warner Home Video

The movie, Escape From Fort Bravo, is centered on a tough Union calvary officer Captain Roper, who commands a P.O.W. garrison at Fort Bravo in the Arizona Territory during the Civil War.  Roper rules the prison with an iron hand, is famous for never allowing an escape, which is due to both his professionalism and the inhospitalble terrain surrounding the stockade.  As a result of his many obsessions, his own troops hate him almost as much as the Confederate prisoners.  Against this backdrop is yet another danger, that of the hostile Mescalero Indians who roam the land near the fort.  Upon the arrival of a beautiful visitor to the fort, Captain Roper is momentarily caught up in her many charms which gives a small group of prisoners a chance to make their big escape.  Roper is outraged upon hearing this news and sets out to recapture the Confederate soldiers.  Unfortunately for all, the Mescalero Indians attack and do not care whether or not they are killing Union or Confederate soldiers.  Starring William Holden, Eleanor Parker and John Forsythe among others.  Widescreen in color.  No runtime given.  Released in 1953.


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