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Eurocopter ED 145 VIP #RG0016
Eurocopter ED 145 VIP
Civil Helicopter
Revell / Germany

The Eurocopter EC 145 VIP is a light twin-engine helicopter developed jointly by Eurocopter and the Japanese firm Kawasaki Heavy industries. The original helicopter, which flew for the first time in June 1999, was designated the BK117C-1.  The EC-145 was given a new fuselage with a roomier cabin.  Parts of the electronic, flight control and navigation systems were based on the EC-135.  Improvements included new rotor blades, which reduced vibration and also increased the range of the EC-145 by 25 %.  Demand by executive transportation companies along with police and rescue organizations demonstrated that the EC-145 has already been a great success.  The Eurocopter EC-145 VIP helicopter is powered by two 780-shaft horsepower engines and carries a crew of 2 along with up to 10 passengers or three medical personnel and two stretchers.  The operating characteristics of the Eurocopter EC-145 VIP are as follows: 1) Top speed of about 167 mph; 2) Range of about 416 miles and 3) Service ceiling of just under 18,000 feet. This Eurocopter EC 145 VIP scaled model includes the following features: 1) Authentic markings for a Eurocopter EC-145 as flown as Demonstrator 3, Prototyp for Autopilot Test Flights, Donauworth, Bavaria, Summer 2003 & by the Polizei Hubschrauberstaffel Hessen Egelsbach, Germany, October 2002; 2) Cabin and cockpit glass areas; 3) Detailed rotors; 4) Molded in white color plastic; 5) Optional cabin configuration; 6) Painting guide and 7) Illustrated assembly instructions.  The model box is in excellent condition.  Never started and 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions inventoried.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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