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Exodus #MGMDVD0014
Cold War
MGM Home Entertainment

 The movie, Exodus, is based on a best selling novel by Leon Uris, and centers on the emergence of Israel as an independent nation in 1947.  The first half of the film focuses on the efforts of 611 World war II era holocaust survivors who are trying to reach Palestine on the sea vessel Exodus by breaking a blockade imposed by the occupying British Government.  One of the central characters is the leader of the Hagannah (the Jewish underground) who is willing to sacrifice his own life and the lives of the refuges rather than turn back the Exodus to war-ravaged Europe.  Eventually the British relent and allow the Exodus safe passage to Palestine.  Once this victory is assured, 30,000 more Jewish survivors previously interned by the British, move into the Holy Land.  This film focuses on a relatively obscure footnote in history but is well worth watching given the tremendous loss of life suffered by the Jews during the holocaust.  Starring Lee J. Cobb, Paul Newman and Peter Lawford among others.  Widescreen in black & white and color.  Released in 1960.  Runtime 208 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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