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Fighter Aces Of The U.S.A. #APHRD0020
Fighter Aces Of The U.S.A.
Aero Publishers

In a startling statistic, as pointed out in the dust jacket of the book, Fighter Aces Of The U.S.A., while over 140,000 fighter pilots have been trained since the beginning of aviation in America, only 3 percent of them have become aces having achieved five or more confirmed victories in aerial combat.  This elite fraternity springs to life again in the most comprehensive and detailed book ever compiled on America's modern day knights of the air.  Fighter Aces Of The U.S.A. covers the period from the expatriate Americans who flew for the British and French before America's formal entry into World War I all the way to the supersonic jet pilots who flew in dangerous missions over Hanoi during the Vietnam War.  The feats of American aces in every conflict from every branch of service during this timeframe are recounted in vivid detail.  Added to this, are first person accounts from some of the leading aces to come out of these 20th Century conflicts.  This book also places the deeds of these special airmen against the backdrop of ever evolving changes in the aircraft and the tactics employed in aerial "dog-fights".  Each technical change and each subsequent war brings new members to the ace fraternity some of them "professional" aviators and others who rose to their nation's calling and just as quickly faded into the fabric of America at the conclusion of the conflict.  This comprehensive list of American aces has involved decades of research including many first hand interviews and is backed-up by almost 700 black and white photographs that according to the authors are being presented in this book for the first time.  In the end, Fighter Aces of the U.S.A. is a captivating account of these knights of the air who are likely to be replaced in future conflicts by drone aircraft reaching out into the "cosmos".  This book is certain to be well received by anyone interested in American military aviation history.  This book is 400 pages and is in good condition with noticeable wear only on the dust jacket.  The authors are Raymond F. Toliver and Trevor J. Constable.  Edition published in 1979.


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