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Forbidden Planet #MAVHS0084
Forbidden Planet
MGM/UA Home Video (Warner Brothers)

 The movie, Forbidden Planet, has been hailed by many as the best original Sci-Fi movie released during the 1950s.  "Forbidden Planet" takes place in the year 2257 A.D.  The movie opens with a futuristic spaceship being launched from Earth on a mission to a star called Altair IV.  The crew of eighteen is lead by Commander Adams and their mission is to explore Altair IV and find out what happened to its inhabitants.  During the long journey the crew are placed into a state of suspended animation.  Once they arrive, they are contacted by a Professor Morbius who says everything is fine and that the spaceship should return to Earth.  Eventually the Commander insists on completing their mission and they land on this star.  The spaceship crew soon discovers Professor Morbius, his daughter Altaira and a robot named Robby.  Robby is an endearing machine that speaks 187 languages and can produce anything from hors d'euvres to emeralds.  The commander soon discovers that this star once had many inhabitants and that there is a strange invisible force that is putting the entire crew in danger.  After several of the crew are killed by this strange force along with the professor, the commander decides to hastily leave Altair IV and return with what is left of his crew to Earth.  This film is the grandfather of modern Sci-Fi space movies and influenced later films like Star Trek and Star Wars.  Starring Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis and Leslie Nielsen among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1956.  Runtime 99 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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