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Gettysburg / Gods and Generals #WRDVD0007
Gettysburg / Gods and Generals
Civil War
Warner Home Video

Gods and Generals / Gettysburg double feature. Gods and Generals chronocles the early events of the American Civil War. It is a prequel to the earlier released Gettyburg movie with many of the same cast playing parts. The film covers the three main battles between North and South leading up to Gettysburg and uses actual battle locations and thousands of Civil War Re-enactors as extras. Gettysburg is a sweeping film depicting the events that led up to the battle along with battle itself, which claimed tens of thousands of lives and turned the tide of the Civil War in favor of the Union. Starring Jeff Daniels, Stephen Lang, Robert Duvall, Tom Berenger and Martin sheen. Widescreen in color. Released 1993 and 2003. Runtime not available.


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