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Godzilla Versus Mothra #SREVHS0001
Godzilla Versus Mothra
Simitar Entertainment

The movie, Godzilla Versus Mothra, is a Sci-Fi classic film about prehistoric creatures battling in a modern world on both Monster Island and the Japanese mainland.  Years of nuclear testing have reduced Monthra's home on Monster Island to a hideous wasteland  Against this backdrop, greedy businessmen have turned Monthr's egg into a billion dollar tourist attraction and the giant flying moth wants it back.  Tiny twin girl guardians plead for the return of the egg to Monster Island but the greedy businessmen refuse.  It may be the last mistake they make because Godzilla has awakend and he is trampling the Japanese mainland.  When conventional weapons fail to stop Godzilla, the Japanese leaders appeal to Mothra for help.  The only question is whether or not she will help given their treatment of her egg.  Even if she does agree to help save the Japanese wasteland, it is not certain whether or not she can stop the 40-story tall Godzilla.  This version of the movie includes the original theatrical trailer along with a video art gallery and is presented in widescreen format and as such constitutes a valuable Sci-Fi collector's film treasure.  Widescreen in color.  Released in 1964.  Runtime 106 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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