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Great Battles Of The World #BVIHRD0001
Great Battles Of The World
Great Battles
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The book, Great Battles Of The World reviews twenty-four decisive land, sea and air battles that changed the course of history during the 20th century.  The battles are analyzed on several levels including strategic & tactical, as well as, from the point of view of the generals and the soldiers who fought in them.  Although spanning a relatively short period of time in world history, each battle in its day was considered a breakthrough in a particular situation where neither of the combatants had any pre-battle advantage.  In addition to an Introduction by Brigadier Peter Young, an Index & Acknowledgements, " Great Battles Of The World" reviews the following confrontations: 1) Tsushima, 1905; 2) Tannenberg, 1914; 3) The Marne, 1914; 4) Jutland, 1916; 5) The Battle Of Britain, 1917-18; 6) The Black Day, 1918; 7) The Meuse, 1940; 8) The Battle Of Britain, 1940; 9) Pearl Harbor, 1941; 10) Coral Sea, 1942; 11) Midway, 1942; 12) Guadalcanal, 1942; 13) El Alamein, 1942; 14) Stalingrad, 1942-43; 15) Schweinfurt Raids, 1943; 16) Kursk, 1943; 17) Berlin Raids, 1943-44; 18) D-Day, 1944; 19) Philippine Sea, 1944; 20) Leyte Gulf, 1944; 21) Japan Raids, 1944-45; 22) Dien Bien Phu, 1954; 23) Tet, 1968 and North Vietnam Raids, 1965-73.  In addition to an informative narrative, "Great Battles Of The World" includes the following features: 1) Approximately 400 black and white photographs; 2) About 100 color photographs; 3) Approximately 60 line drawings and 4) 50 maps.  This book is 320 pages and is in good condition with a number of small tears on the dust cover.  Edited by Brigadier Peter Young.  Edition published in 1978. 


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