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Great National Parks Of The World (3 Video Set) #RSDVHS0002
Great National Parks Of The World (3 Video Set)
Readers Digest

This exceptional three VHS tape set includes the following titles: 1) Lands Of Enchantment - Australia To The Orient; 2) Lands Of Wonder - Europe To Africa and 3) Lands Of Majesty - The Americas.  The first title includes viewer visits to: 1) Autstralis's Great Barrier Reef; 2) China's Wo-long National Park; 3) Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean and 4) Mount Everest.  The second title includes viewer visits to : 1) Ireland's legendary northern coast "Giant's Causeway"; 2) Uganda's lush impenetrable Forrest; 3) Gran Paradiso National Park and 4) Afirca's fabled Serengeti Plains.  The third and final title includes viewer visits to: 1) Alaska's glittering Glacier Bay; 2) Costa Rica's enchanting rainforest, Corcovado; 3) Canada's majestic Banff National Park and Arizona's Grand Canyon.  Also included with this offering is a fact filled book that offers the viewer further information about the national parks covered in this 3 video set.  Full screen in color.  Release date 2000.  Runtime 150 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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