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Gun Fury #CPVHS0015
Gun Fury
Columbia Pictures

 The movie, Gun Fury is set in the Arizona Territory shortly after the end of the American Civil War.  The movie centers on a American Civil War veteran named Ben Warren who has purchased 1,200 acres in California and is waiting for the arrival of his fiancee due into to a tiny western rail road crossing from the former Confederacy.  After years of bloodshed experienced during the Civil War, Ben has no appitite for violence and does not wear a gun.  When Ben unexpectedly meets his fiancee and they decide to travel to California via a stagecoach, they find themselves caught-up in a robery where several people are killed.  While trying to stop the hold-up, Ben is injured and his fiancee is taken by a psychotic gunman and his gang.  The ex-Confederate outlaw soon decides that rather than let his hostage go, he will take her with him to Mexico along with their gold heist.  Meanwhile Ben recovers from being shot at and begins the journey to rescue his fiancee.  Along the way he arms himself and joins forces with a gang member left for dead at a hide-out and an Indian whose sister was killed by the gang leader.  This movie is a classic good versus evil story and in the end the "good-guy" wins.  Also of note, this film was originally shot in 3-D so many of the scenes were designed to enhance the illusion of depth.  All-in-all this western film is well worth seeing.  Starring Rock Hudson, Donna Reed and Phil Carey among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1953.  Runtime 83 minutes.   


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