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Gunga Din #NMTVHS0002
Gunga Din
The Nostalgia Merchant

The movie, Gunga Din, is an exciting, action-adventure film that focuses on a group of three British Army Sergeants based on the Northwest Frontier of India in 1880.  This movie is based, in part, on a poem by Rudyard Kipling along with elements of his novel Soldiers Three.  The plot centers on a British Army outpost at Tandipur where contact via the country's telegraph system has been lost.  A small detachment of British Indian Army troops along with the three Sergeants who are Royal Engineers and an Indian water boy named Gunga Din are sent to investigate.  Upon arriving at the outpost, the three Sergeants MacChesney, Cutter and Ballantine find it abandoned and set about repairing the telegraph system.  They are soon surrounded by hostile natives who are later identified as Thuggees, a murderous cult that had be suppressed by the British for many years.  Meanwhile, Din makes Cutter aware of a nearby temple full of gold which is all it takes to set the two  off to find the treasure.  Cutter is soon captured by the Thuggees but Din manages to escape and thus is able to sound the alarm.  Cutter's fellow sergeants and Din set-off to find him but fall into a trap when they enter the temple.  They then manage to free themselves and take the guro hostage on the roof of the temple where a stand-off ensues.  When the rest of the regiment approaches the temple to rescue the hostages the guru boasts that they are all walking into a trap.  Hearing this an injured Din sounds the alarm with his buggle only to be shot dead by the hostile natives.  The regiment, alerted to the impending danger, defeats the Thuggee forces.  The close of the movie shows a British Colonel inducting Gunga Din posthumously into the British Army followed by his reading of several lines of a Kipling peom.  This movie is sure to appeal to anyone interested in 19th century British Colonial History.  Starring Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen and Douglas Fairbanks among others.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1939.  Runtime 117 minutes.


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