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Halloween III: Season Of The Witch #GHVVHS0013
Halloween III: Season Of The Witch
Goodtimes Home Video

  The movie, Halloween III: Season Of The Which, centers on an ancient Celtic coven headed by a warlock with a diabolical plan to murder 50 million children on devil's night.  As Halloween is drawing near, all across America children are getting ready for what could be their last Halloween.  The movie begins with a crazed man clutching a Halloween mask entering a hospital while Dr. Dan Chaliss is on duty.  At first, Dr. Chaliss thinks that the man is psychotic but when the man is gruesomely murdered and turned into a mysterious ash the doctor begins to wonder what is going on.  With the help of the man's daughter, Ellie, Dr. Chaliss decides to investigate the man's last days.  The trail takes the pair to the strange, remote town of Santa Mira, home of the Silver Shamrock Novelties factory.  The two soon realize that whatever is going on is somehow tied to the novelties factory and it is anything but child's play.  After accidentally being invited on a factory tour, Ellie sees her father's station wagon and realizes that the owner of the factory must have had something to do with his death.  When Ellie is subsequently abducted by the Warlock's robotic henchmen, Dr. Chaliss sneaks back into the factory and watches in disbelief as the Warlock tests his special Halloween mask on the son of a visiting salesman.  When a commercial transmits a special message via a television in a waiting room while the boy is wearing a mask given to him earlier in the plant tour, the son's head explodes.  Dr. Chaliss immediately understands the implications of what he saw.  If the Warlock is not stopped or the innocent kids warned of the impending danger, devil's night could spell the death of millions of children.  Starring Tom Atkins, Stacy Neljin and Dan O'Herlihy among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1982.  Runtime 99 minutes.


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