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Handling And Docking Your Boat (Better Boating Series) #BMVVHS0001
Handling And Docking Your Boat (Better Boating Series)
Bennett Marine Video

 The reference film, Handling And Docking Your Boat, is part of the Bennett Marine "Better Boating Series" of videos.  Boat anchoring and maneuvering are two of the most basic but desired skills necessary to safely operate a boat.  As this veideo points out, good seamanship requires that the boat operator be able to leave his or her slip and arrive at the desired destination safely and to be able to effectively anchor their vessel.  Correct anchoring techniques ensure that the boat is going to stay where the oeprator put it without dragging and / or possibly interfering with other vessels at the anchorage.  This video is designed for boaters who are looking to increase their knowledge of safe maneuvering and anchoring skills.  Subjects covered in this video include the following: 1) Docking and Undocking; 2) Reversing and Passing Other Vessels; 3) Sound Signals; 4) Rafting; 5) Fenders and Lines; 6) Man Overbaord; 7) Anchoring Definitions; 8) Ground Tackle; 9) Sizes and Types of Anchors and Rode; 10) Sea Anchors; 11) The Right Scope and 12) Complete Anchoring Techniques.  Any avid boater is sure to find this video both interesting and helpful.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1997.  Runtime 73 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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