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Harrier #PSLHRD0003
Patrick Stephens Limited

 The book, Harrier, represents a comprehensive review of the British Hawker Harrier which is the world's first successful, mass produced V/STOL fighter jet.  In many ways, it is a story about an aircraft that almost never was given the offical hostillity towards the project.  Despite the obvious benefits of a fighter jet that could take off from short, unimproved airfields and fight against the best modern fighter jets of potential antagonists, it was only after the infussion of American capital that the Hawker Aircraft Company was able to prove the validity of the concept.  This book traces every stage of the Harrier's evolution, flight trials and operational success with the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and United States Marine Corps.  The book highlights the difficulties of V/STOL Flight, reveals a detailed description of the Harrier's structure and provides a complete list of every aircraft built up to date along with brief histories of each.  The book includes the following chapters: 1) Towards vertical; 2) Flat risers with a difference; 3) The idea succeeds; 4) Three-nation evolution; 5) The supersonic red herring; 6) The R.A.F. goes V/STOL at last; 7) Harriers made for two; 8) The American Partnership; 9) Sea Control by the Royal Navy; 10) The American partnership and the future and 11) Harrier described.  The six appendices are as follows: 1) Problems inherent in V/STOL operations; 2) P 1127 Kestrel / Harrier ship operations, 1963-1978; 3) Hawker / Hawker Siddeley V/STOL; 4) Allocation of prototype and development aircraft; 5) Allocation of production aircraft and 6) Senior technical, administrative and flight executive personnel, Hawker P 1127 and Harrier programs 1957-1980.  This book includes the following: 1) Approximately 152 vintage black and white photographs; 2) 6 pages of black and white illustrations and 3) Numerous charts and line drawings.  This book is 185 pages and is in excellent conidtion.  The author is Francis K. Mason.  Edition published in 1982.


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