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Hawaii #MAVHS0033
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 The movie, Hawaii, is George Roy Hill's adaptation of James Michener's sprawling epic about a missionary couple Abner and Jerusha Hale.  Following his graduation from divinity school in 1820, Hale asks for the hand of lovely Jerusha who despite her love for a long absent sea captain named Rafer Hoxworth accepts his wedding proposal.  The pair soon leave Massachusetts on a ship headed to Hawaii to spread the Lord's word.  After a grueling journey, they finally reach Hawaii where they are greeted by Queen Malama.  While Jerusha quickly charms the natives, the rigid Abner insists that they immediately adopt Christian values by clothing themselves, renouncing their gods and abandoning the practice of multiple marriages.  Although the queen is not ready to adopt these new beliefs, she orders her people to accept them.  Eventually, Captain Hoxworth comes ashore but all his charm is not enough to break Jerusha away from Abner.  The captain is soon followed by waves of white men who leave in their wake more commerce and disease.  This epic film features stunning scenery and a terrific Elmer Berstein score.  Note: this video presentation of Hawaii is thought to be the most complete version available unlike subsequent DVD offerings.  Starring Max Von Sydow, Julie Andrews and Richard Harris among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1966.  Runtime 190 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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