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Hellcats Of The Navy #CPDVD0007
Hellcats Of The Navy
Columbia Pictures

 The movie, Hellcats Of The Navy, is based on a book by former United States Navy Vice-Admiral Charles A. Lockwood and retired United States Air Force Colonel Hans Christian Adamson.  The plot centers on Casey Abbott, a United States Naval Officer in command of a submarine operating in the Pacific Ocean during World War II.  During a dangerous mission in which his submarine is ordered to retrieve for future analysis, a revolutionary new Japanese mine, Abbott is forced to leave frogman Wes Barton behind to save the rest of the crew.  Abbott's second in command, Don Landon, is convinced that the real reason Barton was left behind was because the dead man had been pursuing Abbott's off-and-on girlfriend Helen Blair who is a navy nurse.  The rest of this film is spent proving Abbott right and Barton wrong.  Starring Nancy Davis, Ronald Reagan and William Leslie among others.  Widescreen in black and white.  Released in 1957.  Runtime 81 minutes.


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