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Henry Ford's Aviation Ventures 1924 - 1936 #TDAVHS0001
Henry Ford's Aviation Ventures 1924 - 1936
T & D Associates

The film, Henry Ford's Aviation ventures 1924 - 1936 is a narrated documentary compiled from more than one million feet of silent film taken between 1914 and 1960 by cameramen of the Ford Motor Company's Photographic Laboratories.  Ford Motor Company donated the original film in 1963 to the National Archives and the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  This documentary is comprised of many different film segments that cover Henry Ford's contribution to the "Golden Age" of commercial aviation, a time when airlines were just getting started.  Narration has been provided to enable the viewer to better understand the evolution during the 1924 - 1936 timeframe of Ford's involvement in early aviation history.  "Henry Ford's Aviation Ventures 1924 - 1936" includes the following aviation film segments: 1) Aerial views of Ford Airport; 2) Footage of the single engine Stout-Ford Transport; 3) The inauguration of the Ford Air Transport Service; 4) The first flight of the Stout designed Tri-Motor; 5) The First Flight of the Ford designed Tri-Motor; 6) Construction of Ford Tri-motor airplanes; 7) Charles Lindbergh's arrival at Ford Airport in 1927; 8) Ford's personal Flivvers of the air and 9) Docking of Army and Navy dirigibles at Ford Airport's mooring mast.  Narrated by Timothy O'Callaghan.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1996.  Runtime 40 minutes. 


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