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Hidalgo #THVVHS0002
Touchstone Home Video

The movie, Hidalgo, is based on a true story about a Western cowboy, Frank T. Hopkins, who is the greatest long distance horse racer ever to come out of the American west.  The plot of the movie centers on Hopkins and his mustang Hidalgo entering the ultimate extreme sport of its time, the "Ocean Of Fire".  Hopkins and his horse Hidalgo are underdogs challenging the finest Arabian horses and riders in a grueling race across 3,000 miles of the Arabian Desert's punishing terrain.  Along the way, they must thwart the plots of competitors who vow victory at all cost while also enduring epic sandstorms, swarms of locusts and the relentless Sun.  In the end, this movie is a great story of personal triumph, amazing special effects and memorable characters which all come together to deliver one of the most thrilling action-adventures ever.  Starring Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif and Said Taghmaoui among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 2004.  Runtime 136 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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