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Hidden Treasures Of America's National Parks #QRVHS0006
Hidden Treasures Of America's National Parks
Questar Video Presentation

 The documentary, Hidden Treasures Of America's National Parks, reveals to the viewer the dramatic vistas and stunning beauty of 15 American National Parks.  The viewer will discover the stories that each park has to tell.  Stories like how Theodore Roosevelt, who was one of America's leading conservationisits, championed the cause of setting up new National Parks.  The stories of the Sioux Indians and where they lived is revealed.  The Spainish explorer, Hernando de Soto's big search for treasure which led him to what is now Hot Spirings, Arkansas our nation's smallest National Park is discussed.  The story of how the area that now is Voyageurs National Park was discovered by French fur trappers is reviewed.  Next see the Great Basin which was mined by immigrant miners and the land of Sequoia National Park where some of the oldest and tallest trees survive to this day.  National Parks with great mountians and deep canyons carved by thousands of years of running water are also revealed.  National Parks formed around caves like Lehman Cave, Mammoth Cave and Wind Cave with all their natural beauty are explored.  Finally see the ancient reefs of Guadalupe Mountains and how they are preserved in stone.  Also, witness the beauty of Biscayne Bay which is a Natural Park formed around Magnificent underwater coral reefs.  In the end, this video showcases a unique collection of treasures that span the beauty of the continental United States.  Full screen in color.  Released in 2002.  Runtime 60 minutes 


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