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High Noon #RPHVHS0005
High Noon
Republic Picture Home Video

 The movie, High Noon, tells a classic tale of an aging lawman who stands alone to defend a small western town of righteous cowards from a vicious gang of outlaws.  The opening scenes of this film show the lawman as he gets married, turns in his badge and prepares to head out of town to a new life.  Just as he is leaving, the lawman is told that a vicious band of outlaws will be heading into this peaceful place on the next train due in by 12:00 noon.  Several miles out of town, the lawman realizes that he has to go back and defend the citizens from the outlaws.  He soon realizes, however, that no one in town has the stomach to attempt to defend themselves against the fast approaching outlaws.  In the end, the lawman truimphs by outwitting the outlaws and gunning them down one by one.  This picture won Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Editing, Best Score and Best Original Song.  Starring Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly and Lloyd Bridges among others.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1952.  Runtime 85 minutes. 


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