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High Sierra #WBVHS0034
High Sierra
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 The movie, High Sierra, centers on a prohibition era gangster named Roy "Mad Dog" Earle who walks out of prison and into two unfamiliar worlds: the jitterbuggung soda-jerking 1940s and in the west, the towering High Sierra.  High Sierra is a fast-paced, heist-gone-wrong manhunt movie and is also a study of a man time has passed by.  Early on in the movie, the viewer observes that Earl identifies more with the down and out "Okies" he meets than with the punks he meets up with in order to pull-off a resort  jewelry heist.  Along the way he meets a young girl traveling with her grandparents to California who has a club foot.  Once in California, Earle pays for the girl to have an operation that allows her to walk normally.  Later this teenage girl spurns Earle's offer to marry her while another older woman he has met and who is a 1930s survivor like himself, remains loyal to the end.  This classic gangster movie was directed with grit and intensity by Raoul Walsh and signalled a new era crime films.  This gangster movie has a climatic ending and is well worth watching.  It also includes at the beginning of the film, the Original Theatrical Trailer.  Starring Humphrey Bogart, Ida Lupino and Alan Curtis among others.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1941.  Runtime 101 minutes.  


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