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Ice Station Zebra #WRDVD0009
Ice Station Zebra
Cold War
Warner Home Video

Ice Station Zebra is a cold war drama about the commander of the U.S. submarine Tigerfish who is ordered to race to a desolate North Pole scientific outpost to  recover the film canister of a Soviet spy satellite that has landed in the vicinity of  the camp.  It is a race against time and a Soviet Submarine that can have only one winner.  A further twist in the plot revolves around an unkown Soviet saboteur that is aboard the U.S.S. Tigerfish and whose mission appears to be to sink the vessel before it arrives at the North Pole.  In the end, this movie is a well-made combination of action and suspense that is sure to please the viewer.  This movie was based on  the Alistair MacLean's novel of the same name.  Starring Rock Hudson, Jim Brown and Ernest Borgnine among others.  Released in 1968.  Runtime 149 minutes.


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