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Israel's Air Force (The Power Series) #MISFT0005
Israel's Air Force (The Power Series)
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 As noted in the book, Israel's Air Force, from the mid 1960s up through the early 1990s, Israeli pilots shot down 631 enenmy aircraft in dogfights but only lost 16 of their own aircraft in return which is a combat record unmatched in modern times.  Despite this astonishing record, however, little is known about the aircraft, men and training methods employed by the Israel Air Force (IAF).  This book represents the first in-depth inside review of the people and aircraft of the IAF from 1948 up to today.  IAF operations are thoroughly covered through the use of a detailed text and more than 100 color photographs.  IAF aircraft covered through these colorful photgraphs include the following: 1) Skyhawks; 2) Cobras; 3) Apaches; 4) F-4 Phantoms; 4) F-15 Eagles; 5) F-16 Fighting Falcons; 6) KFIRS; 7) Mirafe IIIs and even 8) MiGs. Including in this book are the following chapters: 1) Introduction; 2) History: From Turboprop to Mach 2; 3) The Best Stuff: The Pilots; 4) A World Within It's Own: The Air Base; 5) Blue and White Whirlybirds: The Helicopters; 6) The Guardians from Above: The Aeromedical Evacuation Unit and 7) Half Blue, Half Green: The Air Defense Forces.  Of course the book, Israel's Airforce also includes an appropriate Preface, Aircraft Glossary and Index.  This book is 128 Pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Samuel M. Katz.  Edition published in 1991.


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