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Jetliners U.S.A. #MISFT0023
Jetliners U.S.A.
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The book, Jetliners U.S.A. captures through stunning high-definition color photographs, the air transport industry in its biggest market and most vibrant setting, the United States.  Of note is the fact that many of the airlines and their aircraft caught on film in “Jetliners U.S.A.” during the “high-tide” of the bold 1980s expansion, have subsequently either gone bankrupt and disappeared or have become the shrunken shadows of what they once were.  While historic airlines like Eastern, Pan Am and TWA had all but disappeared from the national and international transport industry, other previously smaller domestic airlines like American, Delta, Northwest and United air carriers were in a growth mode heading into the early 1990s.  “Jetliners U.S.A.” points out that aside from high fuel prices and the initial market battles fought by the domestic carriers as a result of deregulation in the early 1980s, the following two major issues have shaped the battle for market share supremacy: 1) The hub and spoke system of feeding major “hub” airports passenger volume from smaller partner air carriers operating in regional markets and 2) The computer reservation system which drove business more efficiently to the larger domestic air carriers.  Other factors including corporate raiders and the ever-increasing cost of new aircraft impacted the domestic aviation industry as well.  In addition to surveying the passenger air transport industry, “Jetliners U.S.A.” also takes a look at the important, but less glamorous business of hauling freight throughout the United States.  “Jetliners U.S.A.” gives more than a passing reference to the overnight packaged freight business, a market that increasingly was dominated by FedEx and UPS.  Throughout this period of “seismic commercial upheaval in the domestic air transport business, United States commercial aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and McDonnell Douglas have continued to developed new, more efficient aircraft like the Boeing 757 and 767, and the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series.  These new aircraft include more powerful yet fuel-efficient engines and through the use of computer technology, the two-person cockpit.  Whereas large jet aircraft in the past typically included three to four person crews, modern avionics allow the pilot and copilot to also perform the important functions of flight engineer and navigator.  The major sections of “Jetliners U.S.A.” include the following major sections: 1) Introduction; 2) Boeing twins and trijets; 3) DCs And MDs; 4) The Heavies and 5) European Invasion.  In addition to an informative narrative and picture captions, “Jetliners U.S.A.” includes approximately 105 high-resolution color photographs of the aircraft operating in the domestic air transport market in the early 1990s.  “Jetliners U.S.A.” is sure to be of interest to any armchair aviation historian or airline enthusiast.  This book is 128 pages and is in very good condition.  The authors are Mark R. Wagner and Christy Campbell.  Edition published in 1992. 


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