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John Paul Jones #WBVHS0032
John Paul Jones
Warner Home Video

 The movie, John Paul Jones is the true epic story of the battle between the United States Bonhomme Richard and a Britsh man of war and of the man who inspired the growth of the American navy.  This movie traces the story of a young man growing up in Scotland who dreams of going to sea.  John Paul Jones eventually signs on as part of the crew of a merchant ship which carries him away from his homeland and begins his career as a seaman.  By the time John Paul enters his twenties, he is a seasoned seaman and is ready to captain his own ship.  It is at this point that the American Revolutionary War gets started and John Paul is asked to captain one of the few ships available to the Continental forces.  He eventually sails the United States Ship Ranger to France where he negotiates along with Benjamin Franklin with the French Government for a newer ship, the Bonhomme Richard.  In the battle that follows, Jones ship begins to sink and when all seems lost, he sends his marines over the side to hurl grenades into the British seamen.  This saves the day and solidifies John Paul Jones as a true American legend. This is a hard to find video and a very interesting one to watch.  Starring Robert Stack, Marisa Pavan and Charles Corburn among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1959.  Runtime 127 minutes.


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