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Junkers Ju 88 A-4 #AMT0013
Junkers Ju 88 A-4
Military Aircraft

 The Junkers Ju-88 represented the backbone of the German Luftwaffe bomber aircraft during World War II.  Over 15,000 Ju-88s of all variants were manufactured and they saw service in many different roles including fighter (day & night), flying bomb, medium bomber and reconnaissance aircraft.  The definitive Ju-88 variant was the A-4, which is the subject of this scaled model.  The A-4 variant entered production late in 1940 and incorporated many refinements to improve the Ju-88 shortcomings discovered early in World War II.  The Ju-88 operated in every area of the German war front and participated in the Battle of Britain.  The Ju-88 also served during the North Africa campaign and on the Russian front.  In addition to being flown by the German Luftwaffe, the Ju-88 also served the air forces of Finland, Hungary and Romania.  The operational characteristics of the Ju-88 are as followed: 1) Top speed of approximately 273 mph; 2) Combat range 1,550 miles and 3) Service ceiling of just under 28,000 feet.  The Ju-88 typically carried one 13 mm caliber flexible machine gun firing forward, two 7.9 mm caliber machine guns firing aft above the fuselage and one 7.9 mm caliber flexible machine gun firing aft from the ventral gondola.  This old Junkers Ju-88 A-4 scaled model includes the following features: 1) Authentic markings for a Ju-88 A-4 bomber as flown by either the Finnish or Romanian air forces during World War II; 2) Clear plastic canopy, nose and ventral "glass" areas; 3) Detailed cockpit; 4) Detailed landing gear; 5) Molded in light-blue colored plastic; 6) Movable propellers and wheels; 7) Recessed panel lines; 8) Separate movable ailerons & rudder; 9) Three seated aircrew figures; 10) Two large bombs; 11) Painting guide and 12) Illustrated assembly instructions.  The box is in excellent condition.  Never started and 100% complete with all parts, decals and instructions inventoried.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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