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Lockheed Constellation #MBISFT0001
Lockheed Constellation
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The three tailed, propeller driven Lockheed Constellation commercial airliner was used in the military and referred to as the C 69.  After World War II it became one of the dominate commercial airliners used by many of the domestic airlines especially TWA which had placed its original order in 1940.  The original model continued to evolve and eventually the commercial version was refered to as the Super Constellation with the military versions being designated first as the Model 749 Constellation and then the Military Super Constellation.  The book Lockheed Constellation is the definitive book on Lockheed's famous Constellation.  It contains a complete history of all the civil and military versions of the Constellations, Super Constellations and Starliners and the story of their service with many of the global airlines of the era both great and small.  Included in this book are over 200 black and white and color photographs along with many diagrams showing all models of the Constellation in the colors of many major and minor airlines.  To this, many photographs document the "Connie's" service in the "war paint" of the U.S Air Force, U.S. Army and U.S. Navy.  The appendices list specifications for each model, the number of Constellations flown by each of the major airlines, the number currently in civilian registration and military Constellation serial numbers.  This book is 144 pages and is in like new condition.  The authors are Curtis K. Stringfellow and Peter M. Bowers.  Edition published in 1992.


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