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Lost In Space: The Derelict (Episode # 2) #TCFVHS0048
Lost In Space: The Derelict (Episode # 2)
TV Series
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

 The TV show, Lost In Space was originally conceived as "The Swiss Family Robinson In Space" and aired from 1965 to 1968.  This TV series, first filmed in black & white and later in color, has become a true Sci-Fi classic with an enormous following of devouted fans.  In Lost In Space: The Derelict (Episode # 2), Maureen Robinson leaves the safety of the Jupiter II to save her husband before they are all destroyed by a fiery comet.  Ulimately Maureen is stranded outside the ship with her husband when the door refuses to open.  Major Don West finally succeeds in opening the door and rescuing them but their relief is short as a large derelict spacecraft draws their own Jupiter II inside it.  In desperation, they search the spacecraft for navigational charts in order to discover a course home to Earth.  Their search is cut short, however, when a mysterious alien appears.  Forced to flee, their only hope is a lone Earth-like planet they discover as they exit the alien spacecraft.  The only question is whether or not they will survive.  Starring Guy Williams, June Lockhart and Angela Cartwright among others.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1965.  Runtime 55 minutes.


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