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Medicopter 117
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The book, Water Flying: Everything A Pilot Should Know About Seaplanes And Flying Them represents a practical, readable book that will familiarize landplane pilots with the operation of sea planes and for seaplane pilots will help them improve their flying technique.  This book is broken into two parts that review all aspects of water flying including: flying boats float planes and amphibians. In Part I – “Operations” leads the reader from his first seaplane flight to the point where he is master of the following conditions: 1) Taxiing, takeoffs & landings; 2) The new experiences of porpoising, skipping & seamanship and 3) Special techniques for glassy water, rough water, wind, waves and deep sea.  Part II covers the following material: 1) A lively chronology of the history of seaplanes, with many rare photographs; 2) A section on design to help pilots better know their aircraft and to help all engineers design more practical seaplanes and 3) A review of trends and developments related to the current status of water flying and exciting speculation on the future of water flight.  The author’s life-long experience with seaplanes from early flying through testing, instructing, designing and engineering along with colorful anecdotes and accounts of personal adventure help to make this one of the better publications on the topic.  The main sections of “Water Flying: Everything A Pilot Should Know About Seaplanes” are as follows: 1) Acknowledgements; 2) Introduction By Wolfgang Langewiesche; 3) Part One – Seaplane Flight: Operations, Amphibian Basics including (Chapter 1 – Extent Of Water Flyin, Chapter 2 – Scope Of Water Flying, Chapter 3 – Advantages Of Water flying, Chapter 4 – Rudiments, Chapter 5 – Taxiing, Chapter 6 – Porpoising And Skipping, Chapter 7 – Seamanship, Chapter 8 – Advanced Techniques, Chapter 9 – Helpful Information & Chapter 10 – Amphibian Basics); 4) Part Two – Seaplane Development: History, Current Designs, Future including (Chapter 11 – Nationalistic Development, Chapter 12 – Between The Wars, Chapter 13 – The Naval Patrol Flying Boats, Chapter 14 – The Giant Flying Boats, Chapter 15 – Recent Developments, Chapter 16 – General Design Problems, Chapter 17 – Bottom Design, Chapter 18 – Propeller Location, Chapter 19 – Other Design Considerations, Chapter 20 – Materials And Structures & Chapter 21 Trends And Developments); 5) Glossary and 6) Index.  In addition to an informative narrative, “Water Flying: Everything A Pilot Should Know About Seaplanes” includes the following features: 1) Approximately 78 black and white photographs; 2) About 15 black and white illustrations and 3) 1 black and white Spencer Air Car cut-away drawing with component description.  This book is 272 pages and is in very good condition.  The author is Franklin T. Kurt with Wolfgang Langewiesche (introduction).  Edition published in 1974.


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