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Men in War #VOTVHS0005
Men in War
Cold War
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The movie, Men in War, takes place in Korea in 1950.  While the plot focues on a lost American platoon trying to reach the safety of United Nation's lines it really is about not just the enemy without but the enemy within each of the soldiers.  Their difficult situation brings out the best and the worst in them as they are thrust into the extraordinary circumstance of being caught behind enemy lines.  As the men work their way back to United Nations lines, they are also given an assignment of taking a nameless hill in a faceless land held by North Korean soldiers.  In the end , this film does a credible job portraying war as not only hell, but depicting it as dangerous, dirty and above all endless for the foot soldiers that have to fight them.  This flim is hard to find but is well worth watching if you can.  It includes many of the actors that would later go on to star in the hay-day of World War II films during the 1960s.  Note: the price of this movie reflects the fact that the box cover is only in good condition and the video tape itself must have the tracking adjusted a number of times throughout the full length of the film.  Starring Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray and Vic Morrow among others.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1957.  Runtime 104 minutes.


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