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Michigan Men In The Civil War #MHCSFT0001
Michigan Men In The Civil War
Michigan Historical Collections

The book, Michigan Men In The Civil War, has been culled from the individual diaries and writings of over one hundred Michigan men who served in various regiments of the Union Army during the Civil War.  Michigan units that fought for the Union during the American Civil War included soldiers in the infantry, cavalry, engineers & mechanics, sharpshooters and artillery regiments.  The writings contained in this book were taken from documents collected by the University of Michigan and maintained for permanent preservation.  Ida C. Brown, the University of Michigan Librarian in the late 1950s,  made a comprehensive examination of the entire Michigan Civil War collection of diaries and letters and has in this introductory essay thoughtfully evaluated their usefulness in revealing the considerable service which Michigan men rendered the Union cause during the war between the North and South.  In edition to the interesting text, this book includes one black and white photograph and three black and white illustrations.  This book is 32 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Ida C. Brown.  Edition published in 1959.


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