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Missing In Action 2: The Beginning #MAVHS0037
Missing In Action 2: The Beginning
Cold War
MGM/UA Home Video (Warner Brothers)

The movie, Missing In Action 2: The Beginning, is the intense, action-packed prequel to the original Missing In Action film.  In Missing In Action 2: The Beginning, Colonel James Braddock is captured by the evil North Vietnamese Colonel Yin during the Vietnam War while on a daring air rescue operation with a small group of American soldiers.  Years after most of the American P.O.W.s have been returned to the United States, Colonel Braddock is still imprisoned with his rescue team in the remote jungles of North Vietnam.  Colonel Yin is intent on breaking the spirit of Colonel Braddock and his men by whatever means he can.  His methods include physical, psychological and even sexual attacks.  This is all occurring while Colonel Yin is profiting from the illegal opium trade by protecting a French smuggler.  Death seems the only way out for the malaria ridden, snake infested jungle which is surrounded by cliffs and North Vietnamese camp guards who are present in overwelming numbers.  All hell breaks loose, however, once Colonel Braddcok has had his fill when kills one of his men a breaks a deal Braddock reluctantly made.  From that point to the end of the movie, Colonel Braddock will not stop until he has single handedly destroyed the prison camp and killed all of the P.O.W.'s tormentors especially Colonel Yin.  Starring Chuck Norris, Soon-Teck Oh and Steven Williams among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1985.  Runtime 96 minutes.


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