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Mission Of The Shark #TCFDVD0059
Mission Of The Shark
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

The movie, The Mission Of The Shark, is the almost unbelievable true story of the U.S.S. Indianapolis' most famous mission and its subsequent tragic sinking during the Summer of 1945.  The U.S.S. Indianapolis had just completed its top secret mission of delivering the first atomic bomb to an airbase on a South Pacific Island when it was ordered to sail to a naval base in the Philippine Islands.  While enroute to its destination, the captain made a fateful desicsion to steam in a straight line which was contrary to the normal practive in wartime of zig-zagging in order to reduce the chance of being torpedoed.  Unfortunately for the crew of the Indianapolis, one of the few remaining Japanese submarines picked up the underwater sound of the American Heavy cruiser, plotted a solution to fire its torpedoes and did so with devastating effect.  Within a matter of minutes this great ship sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean initially killing about a third of her crew.  Following the then standard war practice of not announcing naval ship departures or arrivals, the U.S.S. Indianapolis was not reported missing for three days which along with the sharks in this part of the Pacific Ocean allowed another third or so of the crew to die.  A flying boat eventually spotted the remaining sailers including the captain and they were subsequently rescued.  While the captain was found guilty in a military court of failing to zig-zaf his ship in a time of war, his sentenced was eventually overturned and he was allowed to continue serving in the U.S. Navy until his retirement in 1949.  Starring Stacy Keach, Richard Thomas and Robert Cicchini among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1992.  Runtime 100 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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