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Modern Warfare Collector's Set #EBHDVD0002
Modern Warfare Collector's Set
Modern War
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

The two DVD set, Modern Warfare Collector's Set, focuses on reenacting events surrounding a number of military engagements occurring from the 1960s through the present day.  The four major titles included with this set are as follows: 1) Special Forces Vol. 1; 2) Navy Seals: The Untold Stories; 3) Making Marines and 4) Special Forces Vol. 2.  In Special Forces Vol. 1 the following two military engagements are reviewed: 1) The British SAS: Attack in the Desert and 2) The Green Berets: Vietnam - The Battle of Lang Vei.  This section chronicles how an increase in the global plague of assassinations and hostage scenarios lead to the increased need for commando forces.  This section represents the untold story of the elite British SAS and United States Army Green Berets.  Narrated by D.B. Sweeney.  Full screen in color.  Runtime 102 minutes.  In Navy Seals: The Untold Stories, engagements in Grenada, Somalia and Panama are reenacted following the actual course of events.  Based on first person accounts, this extraordinary miniseries captures the danger and emotion of the three previously classified SEAL missions to Granada, Somalia and Panama.  Narrated by Scott Glenn.  Full screen in color.  Runtime 141 minutes.  In Making Marines, the viewer witnesses the life changing transformation of both male and female recruits from civilian life to being a United States Marine.  From initial acceptance to final graduation, the viewer will see through the eyes of the drill instructors, company commanders and recruits as this all-access documentary takes the cameras behind the closed doors of the Corps' top training facility.  Narrated by Gus Travers.  Full screen in color.  Runtime 50 minutes.  In Special Forces Vol. 2 the following two military engagements are reviewed: 1) The Royal Dutch Marines: Terror Strikes Twice and 2) Germany's GSG-9: Jihad in the Fatherland.  While tyranny is timeless, terrorism is its new weapon.  To fight it, the commando's operations are top-secret and their missions deadly.  This section takes an inside look into two of the world's elite Special Forces the Royal Dutch Marines and Germany's GSG-9.  Narrated by D.B. Sweeney.  Full screen in color.  Runtime 100 minutes.  This two dvd set was released in 2009.  


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