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Night Stalkers: They Only Come Out At Night #SXVVHS0001
Night Stalkers: They Only Come Out At Night
Skytrax Visuals

 The documentary film, Night Stalkers: They Only Come out At Night, is the incredible true story about an aircraft, the F-117A Nighthawk, that was designed and built in total secrecy and for years was only flown at night.  In fact for years the government even refused to admit it existed.  The viewer of this film will learn that the "stealth" technologies used on the F-117A were preceeded by earlier less advance radar signature reduction technologies on the famous SR-71 Blackbird and the B1B bomber.  By the advent of the F-117A, these technoligies were so far ahead of their time that for nearly a decade the U.S. held a secret trump card in any actual or potential combat situation.  In the case of the F-117A, these "stealth" technologies reduced the radar signature of this aircraft to that of a small bird which allowed this jet to slip through radar defences and hit enemy targets like Panama and Irag in Operation Desert Storm with pinpoint accuracy.  Learn how subsequent to the deployment of the F-117A, lessons learned were incorporated into the supercomputor aided design of the B-2 "flying wing" bomber.  In the end, Nightstalkers tells the true story of America's greatest secret weapon since the Atom Bomb.  Bonus footage included in this documentary also gives the viewer an interesting look at the Advanced Tactical Fighter now known as the F-22 Raptor.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1990.  Runtime 30 minutes. 


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