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Northrop F-5 B Fighter / Trainer #AMT0024
Northrop F-5 B Fighter / Trainer
Military Aircraft

The F-5 B “Freedom Fighter” is a tandem seat, twin turbojet light supersonic fighter aircraft designed and manufactured by Northrop.  The F-5 development effort was privately-funded light fighter program that began in the 1950s.  The F-5 A “Freedom” single seat fighter began entering service in 1962 and while not initially used in great numbers by the United States armed forces was exported in sizable numbers to American Allies and Switzerland.  The F-5 B did, however, become the basis through a derivative airframe for the American Northrop T-38 “Talon” supersonic advanced trainer.  In addition, an improved, second-generation, F-5 E Tiger II was developed, produced an exported to many American Cold War Allies and was used in limited numbers as an ”aggressor” aircraft during advanced Red Flag and Top Gun pilot training exercises. The F-5 B was powered by two General electric J85-GE-13 engines, rated at 2,720 pounds of static thrust and 4080 pounds of static thrust with full afterburning.  The F-5 B’s operational characteristics are as follows: 1) Top speed with afterburning of almost 890 mph; 2) Range just under 1,400 miles and 3) Service ceiling of about 52,000 feet.  The F-5 B was armed with two 20 mm cannons in the nose and hard-points at the wing tops, as well as, under the fuselage and wings to carry a variety of rockets, missiles (air-to-air & air-to-surface) and bombs.  The F-5 B could also carry fuel drop tanks to support extended range missions.  This older, out-of-production Northrop F-5 B Fighter-Trainer scaled model includes the following features: 1) Authentic markings for a Northrop F-5 B Fighter-Trainer as flown by the Royal Norwegian & Royal Canadian Air Forces; 2) Clear plastic canopy; 3) Detailed control surfaces; 4) Detailed landing gear; 5) Externally mounted drop tank; 6) Highly detailed pilot figure; 7) Painting guide and 8) Illustrated assembly instructions.  The box is in Like-New condition.  Never started and factory sealed. 


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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