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P-51 Mustang Restored #MISFT0004
P-51 Mustang Restored
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The North American P-51 Mustang was one of the most successful and recognizable, single seat fighter aircraft to come out of World War II.  The P-51 Mustang was primarily used as a bomber escort in Europe during the latter part of war but limited numbers were also used as fighter / bombers and a special purpose variant the F-6D, was used as a photo-reconnaissance aircraft.  The book P-51 Mustang Restored traces the restoration of the Lil' Margaret, an F-6D variant of the P-51.  The long road back to a restored, flyable aircraft began in 1981 when a disassembled plane was rescued from a Missouri garage where it had sat for over 30 years.  The ensuing restoration took over 10 years and by including original non-firing guns, camara's, armor plating, a fuselage fuel tank and a gunsight raised the bar for authentic warbird restoration.  The grueling restoration process was concluded with the successful first flight in June, 1993 and ultimately with the winning in that same year at Oshkosh of the Grand Champion award in the World War II category.  Included in this book are 80 color photographs documenting the acquisition and restoration of this P-51.  Approximately 10 black and white photographs document a chapter covering the operational history in World War II of the P-51.  The book is 96 pages and is in like new condition.  The author is Paul A. Coggan.  Edition published in 1995.


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