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Prelude To War: World War II Collectors Edition #TLPHRD0004
Prelude To War: World War II Collectors Edition
Time-Life Books

 The book, Prelude To War: World War II Collector's Edition, chronicles the events, beginning with the German defeat in World War I, that lead up to the start of World War II in Europe in September, 1939.  This book describes in detail the emotionally charged atmosphere that existed between the two world wars and tracks the major events leading up to the second of them.  Beginning with the onerous financial  reparations placed on Germany in The Treaty of Versailles in 1919, the editors of this publication show how the humiliation and resentment of many Germans towards the Allies lead in part to catastrophic economic conditions and emotinal scars that made Adolf Hitler's appeal to the masses in Germany all the more palatable.  Beyond Adolf Hitler, however, the reader will come face-to-face with all the political firebrands of the era, to whom the fearful and the starving flocked in thousands to.  It was during the brief twenty years between the wars that the following figures rose to prominance: 1) Mao in China; 2) Franco in Spain; 3) Lenin in Russia and 4) Benito Mussolini in Italy.  This book points out how these radical leaders slowly but surely gained support among their respective populations and ultimately formed partnerships for disaster.  The Allies weakened by their own economic problems at home turned to negotiations and hoped that the plague of fascism could be contained.  The major narrative sections of this book are as follows: 1) "A Peace Resting on Quicksand"; 2) The Soviet Spectre; 3) A New Breed of Caesars; 4) Convulsion in the Far East; 5) Downfall of a Feeble League; 6) Dress Rehearsal in Spain and 7) One Minute to Midnight.  This book also features the following Picture Essays: 1) When the Shooting Stopped; 2) Killing Ground in Russia; 3) The Uneasy Respite; 4) Dizzy, Decadent Berlin; 5) Deadly Game of Make Believe; 6) The Theatrics of Power; 7) Samurai Slash at China; 8) Rome's New Legionaries; 9) The Nazis' Seductive Rituals and 10) The First Big Take-Over.  Other sections towards the back of this book include the following: 1) Bibliography; 2) Picture Credits; 3) Acknowledgments and 4) Index.  In addition to an informative narrative, the book Prelude To War: World War II Collector's Edition includes the following: 1) Approximately 173 vintage black and white photographs; 2) 7 rare period color photographs; 3) 12 black and white ullstrations and 4) 6 maps.  This book is sure to appeal to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the historical factors that lead to the outbreak of World War II in September, 1939.  This book is 216 pages and is in excellent condition.  The service editor is Robert T. Elson.  Edition published in 1999.


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