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Railroads: The Great American Adventure #NLGHRD0007
Railroads: The Great American Adventure
National Geographic

 The book, Railroads: The Great American Adventure, tells the interesting story of the golden age of railroads in the United States from the first belching "tea-kettle-on-wheels" to the highly efficient diesel-electric locomotives of the 20th century.  As the author points out, the story of American railroads is really the story of the growth of a country.  As the railroads expanded west after the close of the Civil War, towns mushroomed, industry expanded rapidly and in general, the country boomed along the new routes of travel.  In this expanding network of railroads, it seemed that even the most remote sections of the country were now connected with the major populations centers.  As the railroads began to compete with one another and the railroad engine technology improved, prices to hall passengers and freight dropped which in turn lead to even more growth amongst the many railroad lines crisscrossing America.  This book also reveals how work gangs struggled over forbidding mountain ranges and across vast prairies to span the country with an elaborate railroad grid.  Also, highlighted is how shrewd financiers like Vanderbilt and Harriman made vast fortunes and desperadoes like Butch Cassidy and Jesse James plundered the mail cars of trains heading west.  While the age of the "Golden Era" of railroad travel seemed to have faded by the mid 1970s, the author ponders in a the final section of this book how high energy prices may yet again one day promote a comeback for train travel.  The major sections of this book are as follows: 1) Foreword; 2) From Teakettle-on-Wheels to Iron Horse; 3) Buccaneers and Builders: Spanning a Continent; 4) A Growing Nation Takes to the Rails; 5) The Golden Era of Railroads; 6) The Tracks Ahead: Today and Tomorrow; 7) Acknowledgments and Additional Reading and 8) Index.  In addition to an informative narrative, "Railroads: The Great American Adventure" includes the following features: 1) Approximately 47 black and white photographs; 2) About 106 color photographs; 3) Approximately 7 black and white illustrations; 4) About 20 color illustrations and 5) 1 map.  This book is sure to appeal to anyone interested in the history of American railroads.  This book is 203 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Charlton Ogburn with James A. Sugar (photography).  Edition published in 1977.


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