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Rat Patrol - Complete Series #ABCDVD0001
Rat Patrol - Complete Series
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T.V. Series
ABC Television Network

 The television series, Rat Patrol, was a war themed program that aired in the late 1960s and centered on four Allied soldiers stationed in North Africa during World War II.  The soldiers were lead by Sergeant Sam Troy and in most episodes pitted this rag-tag group in daring missions against soldiers from the famed German Africa Corps.  The Allied soldiers frequently battled a wily German officer named Hauptmann Dietrich.  This Rat Patrol -  Complete series set includes all 50 episodes on seven separate dvd discs.  The episodes contained on all seven discs are as follows: 1)  Disc 1 (The Chase of Fire Raid, The Life Against Death Raid, The Wildest Raid of All, Kill or be Killed Raid, The Chain of Death Raid, The Do or Die Raid, The Blind Mans Bluff Raid & The Fatal Chase Raid); 2) Disc 2 (The Blow Sky High Raid, The Moment of Truce Raid, The Deadly Double Raid, The Gun Runner Raid, The Lighthouse Raid, The Dare-devil Rescue Raid, The Last Harbor Raid, Part 1 & The Last Harbor Raid, Part 2); 3) Disc 3 (The Last Harbor Raid, Part 3, The One That Got Away Raid, Two for One Raid, The Last Chance Raid, The B Negative Raid, The Exhibit A Raid, The Holy War Raid & The Two Against Time Raid); 4) Disc 4 (The Wild Goose Raid, Bring Em Back Alive Raid, Take Me To Your Leader Raid, The Double or Nothing Raid, The Hour Glass Raid, Mask A Raid, The Fire and Brimstone Raid & The Delilah Raid); 5) Disc 5 (The Truce at Aburah Raid, The David and Goliath Raid, The Trial by Fire Raid, The Darers Go First Raid, The Love Thine Enemy Raid, The Darkest Raid, The Death Do Us Part Raid & The Do-Re-Me Raid); 6) Disc 6 (The Kingdom Come Raid, The Hide-and-Go-Seek Raid, The Violent Truce Raid, The Life-for-a-Life Raid, The Fifth Wheel Raid, The Two if by Sea Raid, The Street Urchins Raid & The Pipeline to Disaster Raid) and 7) Disc 7 (The Boomerang Raid, The Fatal Reunion Raid, The Decoy Raid, The Tough-and-Go Raid, The Field of Death Raid, The Double Jeopardy Raid, The Hickory, Dickory, Dock Raid, The Tug-of-War Raid, The Never-Say-Die Raid & The Kill at Koorlea Raid).  Starring Larry Casey, Christopher George and Gary Raymond among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1966.  Runtime 600 minutes.


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